2014 Bike Preview: Rocky Mountain Altitude Rally

Following the incredible success of the new Rocky Mountain Altitude MSL in its first year on the market, Rocky Mountain has decided to tweak the bike slightly to add a new version, the Rally.  Inspired by the increasing popularity of Enduro racing, the Altitude Rally features a longer travel front fork, DH width handlebars, a 1×10 drivetrain, and burlier wheels.

The bike is available in two very different specs and price points.  The Altitude 770 MSL Rally is a carbon/aluminum beauty equipped with top of the line Fox suspension, high end Race Face and SRAM bits, and wheels with ever popular Stans ZTR Flow EX tubless rims.  You’d be hard pressed to find something on the bike worth replacing, unless your looking for the absolute best of the best in your drive train.  Those of us at Skiershop and Bike Stowe would likely take it out of the box and ride it as is.

Rocky Mountain Altitude 770 MSL Rally Edition comes very well equipped at $5,599.00

If you’re looking to be nicer to your wallet and bank account Rocky Mountain is offering the bike in a full aluminum version that still boasts very respectable specs, the Altitude 750 Rally Edition.  Dropping the carbon fiber, kashima coated suspension, and a slight downgrade in components, also drops over $2000 off the price, a reasonable $3,299.99.  The bike, just like it’s fancy carbon brother, comes ready to ride straight out of the box.  At this price point you’d be a bit foolish to drop another $1000 on a wheel upgrade.  The point I’m trying to make is this bike is so well spec’d at the price, if you want more, just get the 770 MSL.

The Rocky Mountain Altitude 750 Rally Edition is a head turning, high performing bike with a price tag just barely over $3000.

The Altitude Rally Edition is not all that’s new from Rocky Mountain.  Rocky Mountain aficionados may remember the Thunderbolt, and now it’s back in a completely new design.  It’s geared towards playful XC riding with 120mm of travel, 27.5 wheels, and classic Rocky Mountain geometry.

“The Thunderbolt is my kind of XC bike.  It’s got a natural feel and tackles the climbs exceptionally well.  On the descents it provides the kind of small bump sensitivity usually reserved for longer travel bikes.”  -Thomas Vanderham

We can’t wait to see what Thomas is so psyched about for ourselves.  And with prices ranging from just over $2000 to $3,999, it’s a very attainable bike.  We’ll provide a more extensive review on both the Altitude Rally Edition and the Thunderbolt once we have a chance to put them in the dirt!

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