Demo Bikes For Sale!

Hey Bikers!

As of the beginning of August all of our demo and rental mountain and road bikes are now ON SALE!  The past two weekends we offered free tests rides of our entire fleet as well as heavily discounted prices.  The weekend’s over, but lucky for you the prices are here to stay!  You still have time to stop by the shop and find your next bike.  Our demo bikes are professionally maintained and ride just as well as a brand new bike.  You’ll save money while resting assured your bike has been set up, maintained, and cared for by professional mechanics.

Here’s a list of some of our remaining demo bikes with their corresponding sale prices.  Don’t see the bike you’d like?  Give us a call!  This isn’t our entire inventory, and who knows, we may have your dream ride tucked away somewhere!


Scott Contessa Spark 900 – Retail: $2630  Sale: $2099

Scott Contessa Scale 910 – Retail: $1320  Sale: $1049

Scott Spark 960 – Retail: $1899  Sale: $1399

Rocky Mountain Edge – Retail: $599  Sale: $450

Rocky Mountain Flare 29 – Retail: $699  Sale: $550

Rocky Mountain Slayer 50 – Retail: $3750  Sale: $2999

Rocky Mountain Element 970 BC – Retail: $4999  Sale: $3999

Rocky Mountain Altitude 750 MSL – Retail: $4499  Sale: $3599

Rocky Mountain Instinct 970 – Retail: $4399  Sale: $3499

Giant Reign 2 – Retail: $2250  Sale: $1849


Stop on by the shop to see what we have left in stock for sizes!  We also have great prices on all our remaining NEW bikes, as well as new and rental road bikes and rec path cruisers!  Now is the perfect time to pick up your new ride.

As usual, this Friday we’ll be heading out for our weekly group MTB ride.  If you’d like to test out one of our demo bikes before buying, this is the best opportunity to do so.  We’ll make sure it’s set up well for your first trial ride, and we more often than not have a mechanic on the trail with us for on the fly adjustments, advice, etc.  We hope to see you on Friday!


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1 Response to Demo Bikes For Sale!

  1. Michael white says:

    Hi, I am looking for a rocky mountain slayer 30 below $2,300. Jenson bikes online has that bike new at that price, so I was hoping you could do better maybe with a demo or a rental. I was in your store at the end of August and wouldn’t mind driving up for the bike and the scenery. Right now I am considering this bike and a Kona satori but would prefer the slayer.

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