Bike of the Week- Scott CR1 Comp

Scott CR1 Comp

Scott CR1 Comp

It might be too wet to get out and ride a mountain bike on trails, but there is plenty of time between the storms to log some serious mileage on a road bike. The Scott CR1 Comp is our Bike of the Week, why? Because for under $2000 it features a full carbon frame and fork which give our Northern Vermont roads a silky smooth feel.SONY DSC Scott has engineered the shape of the chainstays and seatstays to allow for some vertical movement when riding broken pavement, a serious benefit here. The frame is still plenty stiff at the bottom bracket, so it leaps forward when power is applied to the pedals.  SONY DSC The toptube and downtube meet at a seriously stiff headtube. the CR1 goes exactly where you steer it. This is the beauty of carbon frame construction, the designers can tailor the design to be stiff where it needs to be yet compliant where it can be. SONY DSC Don’t be afraid of the skinny tires, lack of rolling resistance is what it’s all about.

Why it’s Cool: The CR1 is cool because it’s full carbon frame and Shimano 105 components will ride every bit as well as any $5000 super-bike without breaking the $2000 mark. Every summer, it seams, we have a month of extremely wet weather. When you have a roadbike, you don’t have to stop riding while you wait for a break in the weather. Think about all your riding buddies sitting at home on the couch as you are out adding horsepower to your pedal stroke… when the trails dry out you’ll be faster and they’ll be slower. That is kinda fun.


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