Bike of The Week- Rocky Mountain Element 970 RSL BC Edition


This weeks bike splits the difference between XC Race Rig and fast Trail Bike, in fact, it’s not between the two categories, it fits cleanly into both categories. Utilizing a Fox Talas fork with 120mm of travel that can be reduced to 90mm with the flip of a switch, allows for two very distinctly different rides. At 120mm the Fox fork slackens the geometry and raises the bottom bracket enough to make the BC Edition a fast trail ripper that can handle some pretty gnarly terrain. The RockShox Reverb post helps as well, allowing for on-the-flay seat height adjustment and it allows you to get the seat all the way out of your way when the trail plunges. In the 90mm setting steepens the front end, quickening the steering, making this a no compromise XC Race bike, capable of lining up on the start line of any race.



Why It’s Cool- We all want our toys to serve multiple purposes, this bike does. Trail ride it all week then go racing on the weekend. You won’t feel you bought a ‘jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none’, you’ll feel like your bike kicks ass. The dropper post, adjustable travel Talas fork and 3×10 drivetrain are the keys to this bikes utility, they allow for two very different ride feels. The move to simplify gearing is just great when you have a clearly defined purpose for your bike, when you want versatility nothing beats a full set of gears.

Who It’s For- The Rocky Mountain Element RSL BC Edition will appeal to anyone who is starting to feel like maybe 160mm of travel ‘all mountain’ bikes are a little bit over-kill for the trails they ride. Someone who wants a bike that can fly on the uphill sections but doesn’t feel handicapped on the downhill. If you want to try your hand at a bit of racing but really love trail riding and only want one bike? This is a perfect solution.

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