Checking in from Snowy Stowe

Hey Bikers!

The snow continues to fall here in Stowe, but that doesn’t mean we forgot about mountain biking!  We’re currently in the middle of some exciting projects in the shop including but not limited to an onslaught of new brands.  Be on the lookout for new, custom built, light weight wheelsets, new drivetrains, and much much more.

As we mentioned during Interbike, Skiershop and Bike Stowe is proud to announce the addition of Rocky Mountain to our ever growing list of brands.  Even though there’s a foot of snow on the ground, 2013 Rocky Mountain bikes have already started arriving at the shop!  We’ll be building them up as we have the free time (lots of skis to tune!) so make sure you keep checking back here and in the shop for the newest bikes!

The first bike we’ve put together is a beautiful Element 970 BC Edition!  This bike absolutely rips both up and down per our test riding on the rough Nevada terrain.  It’s definitely going to be a great bike for the Stowe area, and we can’t wait to put it to the test on our local terrain.  Lucky for you, this particular bike is for demo, so anyone will have the chance to try it!

There’s a little too much snow for a test ride right now, but this bike will be waiting patiently for spring.  By then we’ll have an entire fleet of bikes to try from Rocky Mountain, Intense, Giant, and Scott!

In addition to adding Rocky Mountain to our lineup, we’ll be offering new brands for shoes, clothing, components, and more!  We’re committed to offering everything the Stowe rider could possibly demand.

For now, see you on the slopes!

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