Interbike Report – Scott

We’re back with more coverage from Interbike!  This time around we’re going to take a look at Scott bikes, clothing, and more!  There’s to learn about Scott bikes for 2013 as the entire line gets a significant upgrade with the addition of Syncros.  Scott has partnered with Syncros and now features their wheels and components on almost all of their bikes.  Partner that with industry leading, innovative frame designs and you get some really really nice looking (and riding) bikes.

Other highlights include an 18 lbs. road bike under $2000 (yes, you read that right), an overhaul on the Speedster frame, and a completely redesigned Genius!  The new Genius is available in two wheel sizes – 650B and 29.  Scott feels so strongly about this segment of bikes they have completely done away with the 26″ wheel.  You’ll still find it on their freeride and DH bikes, and even the more All Mountain/Endure based Genius LT, but if you want a Scott trail bike, you won’t even be considering a 26.

Check out the pictures and make sure you stop by the shop for more info!  We currently have a couple 2013 Scott demo bikes in the shop, but Scott will be coming to snatch them up pretty soon, so come ride them while you have a chance!  See for yourself what a difference the Sycros wheels and components make!





There you have it!  In our opinion, those are the highlights from the Scott booth at Interbike.  Since Giant wasn’t at the show, this report on Scott sums up the bulk of our bike brands!  There’s a chance we’re going to pick up a couple other, smaller, niche brands (can you say snazzy new rec path fleet?), but between Intense, Rocky Mountain, Scott, and Giant we’re going to have you covered no matter what you’re looking for!

Weather is perfect for riding right now!  Leaves are changing, trails are dry, and everyone’s enjoying the last few weeks of the riding season!  Come join us!  7pm night ride tomorrow evening!

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