Interbike Report – Intense Cycles

Howdy Bikers!

What an awesome September it’s been!  Cooler temperatures have arrived giving us some awesome riding weather, night ride season is upon us, and best of all, Skiershop and Bike Stowe just returned from the Las Vegas based bike trade show, Interbike.  We had a blast checking out everything new in the bike world, and fortunately for you, we’re breaking the “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” rule and providing plenty of pictures and videos so you too can see all the new gear!

Instead of just posting all 400+ pictures I took at the show at once, we’ll be breaking them up in some sort of organized fashion.  We also were able to capture some GoPro footage of riding demo bikes at the Dirt Demo (located at the infamous Bootleg Canyon trails), which will be released once it’s been sorted through and edited into watchable content (i.e. no footage of us struggling on climbs, yes footage of me falling).  We’ll start of the content with some pictures from Intense Cycles!  Intense has a lot of new offerings this coming season, so check out all the pictures, and come stop by Skiershop for the down low on what’s coming for 2013!


What’s new from Intense?  Despite what your first impressions might be, there’s actually a lot.  Most notably are the two new bikes – the Tracer 275 and the Spider 29 Comp.  The Tracer 275 fills the niche between its 26 and 29 wheeled counterparts.  If you don’t like the bulky feeling of a 29er, but are looking to improve traction and reduce rolling resistance without sacrificing too much maneuverability, chances are you’ll love this bike.  We put it to the test down a shuttle run in Bootleg Canyon, and to say it held up to our abuse would be an understatement.  We’ll have more coverage of our impressions of this bike, as well as footage from the test ride, so keep your eyes open.

The Spider 29 Comp is a carbon version of the already popular Spider 29.  The biggest difference between these two bikes (other than the frame materials) is the introduction of ISCG tabs.  Some people might be confused by the addition of chain guide tabs on a bike that easily gets tossed into the XC race bike category, but wait until you ride it before you make judgements.  One ride through technical terrain and you’ll know why Intense gave it the tabs, you can ride it like your DH bike.

The other change to be found in the Intense line for 2013 is on the Carbine.  The Carbine receives two gifts – a dropout adapter to convert the bike to a 275 (650B wheel) making it one of the very first carbon 27.5 bikes.  If you already own a Carbine, don’t worry, you can order the new drop outs from Skiershop/Bike Stowe and we can turn your already awesome bike into a 27.5 trail machine if you desire.  The other change to the Carbine is the addition of ISCG tabs!  This was a common complaint among riders who wanted to use the Carbine for (only slightly) more aggressive freeride riding than it was originally designed for.  Now with a chain guide, the Carbine truly will be at the upper echelon of “do everything” bikes.

Enjoy the pictures and make sure to check back!  There’s LOTS more on the way!

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