Introducing the Intense Tracer 275!

Howdy Bikers!

A couple weeks ago Intense officially announced the newest bikes to their awesome line.  Introducing the Tracer 275!  The Tracer 275 fills the void between 26 and 29er wheels.  Designed to essentially be equally good at all types of riding, this bike is sure to become a favorite among those who want more XC ability, but aren’t quite ready to fully embrace a 29er.  Personally, as someone considering a Tracer 2 as my next frame, this gives me something to think about for sure.  You can count on Skiershop and Bike Stowe having at least a couple demos of this bike come the summer of 2013, and who knows, we might even be building one or two before then!

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the newest creation from Intense in the internet bike community.  Everyone has their own opinion of the new bike and the relatively new genre of mountain bikes that is 27.5 inch wheels.  We here at Skiershop and Bike Stowe will wait until we can build up one of our own and get it out on the trails before we make any judgements.  Considering how much we like the Tracer 2 and Tracer 29, the newest “middle child” of the Tracer line should be just as fun.
Check out what Intense has to say about the bike, as well as pictures and geometry so you can start dreaming about this bike in accurate specifications.
From the moment we announced the Tracer 275, the orders have been flying in. Being one of the first to offer a 27.5 trailbike has its rewards and benefits, and now you can own a 275 and be a leader with the next BIG thing from Intense.

Made in our factory in Temecula , California, U.S.A.

Available colors – Works Raw, Intense Red, Flo Green, Black Chrome or custom.

The Tracer 275 is the future of 27.5 geometry, this bike is made to ride up, down, sideways and everything in between.

Also check out the Carbine with 27.5 G1 drop out option and be rolling on one of the first full Carbon 27.5 trail bikes.

The Tracer 275 and Carbine 275 perform over such a wide variety of terrain you will be blown away.



As usual with Intense’s aluminum frame offerings, it is available in any of the custom colors seen below.  What will you choose?


As mentioned above, Intense is now offering a conversion kit designed to convert a 26″ Intense Carbine into a carbon 650b 27.5″ all mountain machine!  This is one of the very first carbon 650b bikes, and if you bought a Carbine from Skiershop this summer, you should be jumping around with joy, because your bike just got super adjustable and versatile.  What will they think of next?
See you on the trails!!!

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