Jeff Lenosky – Giant Bicycles Trials Demo at NEMBA Festival

Another beautiful day for riding today!  We had a super fun group ride last night linking Tony’s and Tamarack right from the shop!  We also have been putting together more custom built Intense frames for our beloved customers, which we’ll be sharing with you as they’re completed!

This past weekend at the NEMBA Festival in Burke, VT Giant Bicycles and team rider Jeff Lenosky put on a trials demo for the crowd of enthusiastic bikers.  We were unaware of the show until we arrived and were extremely proud of one of our long time bike brands for stealing the show and providing the most entertainment, in addition to awesome demo bikes.  Luckily I had my phone with me (thanks science) and was able to snap some photos and even do a little filming.


Here’s Jeff warming up his legs and the crowd. His ability on a bike is matched by his ability to captivate and engage an audience. True professional.



We have LOTS of news for all you bikers over the next couple weeks.  Keep checking back for exciting announcements, new products, and much much more!

***The new climb linking the end of Bear’s (Last Run) to the Squirrel Land climb is now rideable!  Please only ride it in the intended direction (up).  It makes for a perfect demo loop from the shop, so if you don’t have much time and want to try a new ride, you can now leave from the shop and get a quick demo loop with easy climbs, technical climbs, and fast, flowy downhills!  It’s the perfect spot to try a bike!***

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