Intense Hard Eddy Build!

Hi Bikers!

We always want to show everyone what we’ve been up to here at Skiershop/Bike Stowe.  As promised in our last post, we’re going to give you a sneak peak at our most recent bike build.  This customer wanted a fast, carbon, hardtail 29er.  He didn’t, however, expect to be walking away with such a beautiful bike as this Intense Hard Eddy.  This is the first Hard Eddy frame we’ve built up custom, and needless to say, it turned out fantastic.  Dave sure knows how to put together an awesome ride.  Check out the pictures, specs, and most important of all, stop by the shop and find out what it’ll take to have your own!

For those of you wondering about all the details, here’s a full list of components!

  • Intense Hard Eddy Frame (size L)
  • Cane Creek 110 Headset
  • Marzocchi 44 Micro Ti 29 Fork
  • Hadley Hubs, front and rear
  • DT Swiss Spokes
  • Spank Oozy 26 29er Rims
  • RaceFace Atlas Stealth Bars
  • Thomson X4 Stem
  • Thomson Elite Post
  • SRAM X9 Shifters
  • Avid XO Brakes
  • RaceFace Turbine Cranks
  • SRAM PG 1091
  • SRAM 1070 Cassette
  • Shimano XT Front Derailleur
  • SRAM X9 Rear Derailleur
  • Maxxis Ardent Tires
  • WTB Rocket V Saddle
  • Ergon GS Z Grips

The bike is being handed over to its new owner as I type, so look for it soon at a trail near you!

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6 Responses to Intense Hard Eddy Build!

  1. Dan Smyrski says:

    Awesome frame/build! But I can’t beleive you posted all those details, but no final weight! I know that’s not everything or the only thing when it comes to a new bike, but it does matter to some degree! C’mon! Let’s see the pic of it hanging from the shop scale! I know you have one!

  2. Dan Smyrski says:

    Sounds good! I’m really interested to see what it shows. That’s the same size frame I’ll need! Thx – Dan

  3. Dan Smyrski says:

    Hey! What happened to weighing this beautiful bike? Guess the owner didn’t wanna bring it in? Can’t say as I’d blame him! I’d prolly be ripping up the trails too!

    • bikestowe says:

      Hi Again Dan!

      He DID let us bring it to the festival! I wasn’t able to get a picture of it on the scale for you, but it weighed in at just about 26lbs on the dot. Our bike builders wanted me to mention they have the ability to build one much lighter, this customer specifically asked for durability.

      • Jeff says:

        how tall is this guy who has a Large hard Eddie as seen here? I am 6′ and am leaning towards the large but wasn’t sure.

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