Demo Bikes from Intense, Giant, and Scott!

Hey Bikers!

We know we’ve already shown you guys plenty of pictures of our new bikes and gear this season, but we wanted to do a blog post highlighting some of our favorite demo bikes.  We have a much more extensive demo fleet this season than past years which contains some really high end, super fun bikes.  Stop on by the shop and take one of these out for a quick spin on our local town loops!  We guarantee that between all of our rental and demo bikes, we’ll have something that’s right for you.  Also, look for updates to our recreation path, “cruiser” fleet soon!

We are currently building up a very well spec’d Intense Hard Eddy for a customer!  As this bike comes together, we’ll make sure to keep you posted with pictures and a ride report from the customer.  It’s the first Hard Eddy we’ve built, so we’re pretty excited to see and hear how it comes out, and we’ll be certain to share it with you!

The women only group ride is leaving the shop this evening in about an hour.  That still gives you time to get changed up, grab your bike, and head on over to the shop!

Happy riding!

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