Dana Allen Photography – Town Loops Ride

Hi Bikers!

As you may have seen in our last post regarding VTPB, Dana Allen recently joined some of the Skiershop/Bike Crew to snap some action shots on the local trails.  We will continue to use these photos throughout the summer, and will be bringing the camera along on group rides in the future as well, but we wanted to show you some of our favorites thus far.  If you’ve never ridden the local Stowe “Town Loops”, these shots should give you a sense of the amount of fun you can have right in our own back yard.  Come join us on our next group ride, or just stop by the shop!  Chances are someone is headed out for a ride.  Enjoy the pictures and we’ll see you soon!



Last night’s Friday evening group ride was rained out (bummer).  The results of our very first “you choose the group ride” survey were close!  So close, in fact, that it was a tie between Adam’s Camp and Cady’s Falls!  You know what that means – tie breaker!!!  Since we were rained out this week, we’re going to let you guys decide between Adam’s Camp and Cady’s Falls for this coming Friday.  Look for the survey here, on facebook, and everywhere else, starting Monday.

Now get off your computer and get out there on your bike!  It’s a beautiful weekend, lifts have opened at Burke, trails are drying from last night’s rain storm, do I have to keep going?  GO RIDE YOUR BIKE!

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