The Choice is Yours! Friday Group Ride Options

PC: Jesse Schloff

Hey Bikers!

We here at Skiershop and Bike Stowe have decided to let YOU decide where we ride each Friday.  We’ve set it up via survey monkey, so follow the link below and let us know where out of this week’s options you’d like to ride!  In the future, look for the survey to happen earlier in the week so we can maximize input.  Friday Group Rides are always free, usually start around 6PM, and are a great way to meet new people to ride with, learn local trails, etc.  Come join us!

Friday Group Ride Survey!

Lots of fun local trails to choose from! PC: Jesse Schloff

If you’re unfamiliar with the choices, I’ve provided short descriptions of each ride.

Perry Hill – Challenging (long) initial climb followed by numerous descents ranging in technicality.  Overall pretty advanced trails, but can be ridden by most all ability levels and most of the harder features have roll down or go around options.  Located in Waterbury.

One of the rocky roll downs in Perry Hill PC: Darryl Kinney

Town Loops – The closest and quickest ride (depending on how far we go).  The Stowe Town Loops offer trails for all ability levels, although at times even the beginner trails intersect with some challenging terrain.  Good place for beginner mountain bikers looking for a challenge.

Adams Camp – Hardy’s Haul and Kimmer’s in Stowe.  Hardy’s Haul is a bench cut trail which is very fast and flowy.  Kimmer’s is single track and slightly more technical.  Both trails can be ridden in a loop, or separately if you’re looking for the full ascent/descent experience on both trails.

Cady’s Falls – Morrisville trail system great for all abilities.  Cady’s Falls features a mixture of easy, flowy single track and a variety of different descent options all ranging in difficulty.  Can often be overwhelmingly confusing for first timers, so it’s a great place to try riding with a group.

Follow the link and let us know what you’d like to do!

PC: Jesse Schloff


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