Trails for All in the Heart of Stowe – Save Cady Hill Forest!

If you’ve ridden the Town Loops in Stowe, then you’ve utilized part of the trail system that runs through Cady Hill Forest, the 258 acre tract of beautiful land between the Mountain Road and River Road.  Stowe Land Trust is currently working hard to preserve this land with a goal of keeping it available for recreational use in the future.

SLT has been working closely with its partners and the community on this land purchase for the past year.  In addition to protecting Cady Hill Forest from potential building development, this project envisions the Town Loops trails as an anchor for the Vermont Ride Center of Waterbury and Stowe.

For the past decade, the Cady Hill Forest trails have remained open only through delicate negotiations and tacit landowner approval.  With an approved Act 250 permit for development, access to Cady Hill Forest has never been guaranteed, and the threat of permanent closure has always been one land sale away.  With permanent protection, Cady Hill Forest is a well loved place that will remain open to a wide variety of non-motorized activities, where you can meet with friends for a walk, ski or ride a short distance from the heart of our community.  It will also provide a solid anchor for the Vermont Ride Center, a project initiated by the Vermont Mountain Bike Association to develop a cohesive network of ride-able trails between Waterbury and Stowe.


Mike in the Town Loops

Skiershop Manager Mike Thomas enjoys a day on the Town Loops located in Cady Hill Forest


These local trails are the heart of the Stowe mountain biking community, and it would be devastating to lose them.  Help Stowe Land Trust by donating!  If you’ve ever spent time on these trails, you know how special it is to have them so close to town.

Skiershop and are donating 10% of the profits from all mountain bike sales to the cause.  We have bikes arriving daily from Giant, Scott, and Intense.  Give us a call at 802-253-7919 or stop by the shop to check out some new bikes and help a great cause!

See you on the trails soon!

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