The Wait is Over!

For all of you who have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of this year’s Stowe jersey, the wait is over: they’re here!

Thanks to a custom design from leading jersey company Sugoi, this year’s jersey stands out with a classic Stowe look and feel.  Lightweight, moisture-wicking material combined with a full zip create a comfortable, high performance jersey that lets both guys and gals show off their Stowe town pride.

From summertime visitors to locals looking for something new, the Stowe Jersey from Skiershop is the perfect fit.  Come on by the shop today and pick one up before they’re all gone!

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3 Responses to The Wait is Over!

  1. Greg Clare says:

    Is there a new Stowe Jersey for 2012. And did you have the Jersey made by a different maker so that the jersey is more form fitting???


    Greg Clare

    • bikestowe says:

      Greg, there will be a new Stowe Jersey for 2012! We will probably stick with Sugoi for road jerseys with an updated design. We normally do our jerseys in “club” fit, which is quite relaxed. If there’s interest we definitely wouldn’t be opposed to doing some in their “pro” fit, which is very form fitting.

      • Greg Clare says:

        PLEASE do some in pro fit. I am 54 years old and bike 3 to5 times per weak. I ride with a local bike club of old guys. There are close to 150 members of our group here in Louisville and we all wear pro fit shirts. I think many road bike enthusiast only wear pro fit. I was out in Austin Texas this past weak end and stopped in a few bike stores to buy apparel all the shirts were pro fit. I tried your STOWE jersey on last year, loved the design but the fit was not right. I bought some of your STOWE shorts. Thanks for considering my opinion. You guys know your market better than I. My comments are only a suggestion. I am not in retail .


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