Rock Shox Reverb Dropper Post

It’s not every day that the Bike Stowe staff is in total agreement about a bike part. We all have our allegiances, SRAM or Shimano, tubeless or tubes.

Skiershops Reverb Armada

Somehow though, the Reverb seatpost has been assimilating our bikes faster than the Borg took over the Gamma Quadrant. What does it do? Simply put, it lets you lower your seatpost from a button on your handlebar. It sounds a little bit like overkill for something you can do with a $15 seat collar quick-release, but the difference is you can do it whenever you feel like it without stopping or even slowing down. This means you will actually do it instead of weighing whether it is worth doing or not. Even if it’s only for ten feet of trail. When I was demoing bikes this spring, as much as I liked the bikes, I loved the Reverb and knew I had to have one. It’s been like turning my bike into two bikes. The Reverb it has to be said, is not the first of it’s kind, but to us, it seems to be the best so far. We have had our short-lived affairs with other dropper posts, but they have not stayed in our lives for very long. They have been too heavy, too unreliable, or too wiggly. The Rock Shox Reverb is the lightest in its class and feels nearly as solid as a Thomson. If you forgot about the Remote button and never touched it, you wouldn’t know that you are on a dropper post and never feel like your seat has been replaced with a barstool. The remote may seem like an unnecessary addition- it isn’t, the remote is what makes any of the dropper posts ‘go’. Keeping both hands on the bars and dropping the post from ‘pedal height’ to ‘control height’ let’s you really take advantage of manipulating seat height through out a ride in a way that a simple quick release just does not allow. Imagine getting off your bike every time you changed gears, sounds like hyperbole, but that’s what it’s like.  It will cost you $325 and add a pound to your bike, but you won’t mind at all when you are ripping down the trails with a confidence you didn’t have before.

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