Lift service mountain biking at The Bush

This past Wednesday was a beautiful day for downhill riding at Sugarbush. Though is was 85 degrees and we were armored up in padding and long sleeve shirts there was a nice breeze that kept us relatively dry.

If you haven’t been to Sugarbush to ride you need to get out there. Each run offers a staggering 1,575′ vertical drop with potential for more if you climb higher up and do the cross country loops. Whats nice about Sugarbush is that the trails arn’t like the other DH parks around. A lot of the trails are like single track cross country trails which makes it a great place to take your full suspension XC bike and improve your riding skills every now and then. It is remarkable how getting in a few downhill laps -especially the lengthy ones at Sugarbush– can quickly improve your bike handling skills. Hardcore DHers don’t fret, there is plenty of terrain that is best suited for full on DH bikes.

The Sugarbush crew is improving there network daily and every time we visit it just gets better. With 25 trails stretching over 18 miles there is plenty of riding to do in one day. There are trails for beginner and experts alike ranging from double track going down ski trails to steep rocky/rooty pitches. A must do run is Grand Stand- Wood Lot- Big Birch- Burly Maple then down to the bike park from there. This run has rocky terrain with awesome berms, jumps, and log rides. Take the first couple runs slow and look around, there are a ton of features to hit on either side of the trail that arn’t always easy to see.


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