Friday Night Scott Demo Recap

Attendees of last Friday’s group ride were treated a surprise Scott bike demo!  After years of dominating Europe’s mountain bike scene, Scott mountain bikes have finally entered the US market.  From the lightest hardtail on the market to the ultra-saavy Genius full-suspension shock system, Scott has crated a truly unique lineup with something for everyone.

So that we could test out the latest and greatest for our customers, our awesome Scott rep Jason brought us a nice selection of full suspension Genius and Genius LT trail bikes (5″ and 7″ of travel, respectively).  We also had the opportunity to test out the Spark 20, an ultra-light carbon racing machine with 4″ of travel controlled by the Twinloc lever system.  Twinloc allows for simultaneous control of rear shock travel and fork lockout, all with the simple click of a small lever mounted on the handlebar.  Finally, some of us rocketed through the ride thanks to the speed and efficiency of Scott’s unbelievably light Scale 29, the lightest carbon 29″ hardtail in the world.

After everyone was set up with a Scott bike, we headed across the street to put the bikes to the true test: our local trails, the Stowe Town Loops.  The weather was perfect, the trails dry and fast; you couldn’t have asked for a better day to demo!  The bikes received excellent reviews by all, but what impressed riders most was the Scale 29 – its light weight and 29″ wheels made it an absolute blast to ride.

Check out our Facebook page for more info about each week’s Friday night group rides from Skiershop – you never know, we may have more surprise demos in store!

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  1. shaun says:

    nice blog, love the constant updates.

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