Trail center profile: Millstone Touring Center, Barre VT.

Millstone touring Association has been very busy developing what is quickly becoming a unique Vermont trail network.  100 years ago, Barre was home to 70 individual granite quarries making it the “Granite Capital of the World”. Today the forest has re-claimed the 1500 acre site land and a modern mountain bike trail network has been created.  Granite ‘grout piles’ create an air-conditioner effect, granite blocks have been incorporated into the trails, and the exposed granite bedrock is like an eastern ‘slickrock’.

The newest trails are called ‘Harrington Ridge’ and ‘Harrington Heights’.  They are located above, and can be easily connected with, ‘Rock and Roll Trail’, forming a must-ride loop. The natural granite is on display on these new sections.  Rock and Roll is note-worthy for its creative wooden bridge work; something most trail builders have shied away from recently.  When done well, (MTA has done a magnificent job with it) it’s a blast to ride.

This new terrain is a great example of the area’s potential, but it’s only a small sample of the more than 50 miles of challenging singletrack that exists here. There are also 20 miles of hiking trails and miles of old railway bed and quarry road that provide a mellow riding experience.

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