Friday night group ride- Tony’s and Tamarack

This spring sure has been a wet one! Skiershop finally got its first Friday night group ride  with a little up and down action on Tony’s and Tamarack. Five of us left from Skiershop and headed up Weeks Hill Rd to start the climb up Tony’s.


For those of you unfamiliar with Tony’s and Tamarack, the trails can also be shuttled instead of riding up because they cross residential roads. If you choose to climb up like we did the trail starts on Weeks Hill Rd. about 50 feet past Weeks Hill Meadows on the right coming from Skiershop. It will then come out on West Hill Rd. where you will travel up that and turn right on Tamarack Rd. Stay on Tamarack for about a quarter mile and as the road slopes down you will see a trail head to your left just before the road goes up hill again. Ride up that single track known as Tamarack until you come out on a road (West Hill Rd.) where you will have reached the top. From there turn around and enjoy the downhill!

The trails are old school style rake and ride single track and have a couple challenging pitches to them but can deffinetly be ridden by intermediate riders. This is a fun network to ride and is definitely beneficial to ride it with someone who knows it if it is your first time. There are other networks off of the top of Tamarack that can be done. Look for future posts on how to link all these trails together.

Be sure not to miss next Fridays group ride, its a great way to make new riding buddies and learn trail networks. Be at Skiershop at 6pm to join in on the action!

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