Honey Hollow- the unsuccessful but very relaxing mission.

Hey, Tim here at Skiershop. Yesterday I decided to spend my morning discovering new areas to ride my mountain bike. Having heard of some fun riding out at Honey Hollow in Waterbury, I packed up my gear and set out to conquer it.  Honey Hollow Road is a seasonal dirt road that shoots right up between Camels Hump and Robbins Mountain. There is a beautiful mountain river that rages down the fall line of the Hollow that has great places to stop for a soak.

I was informed that the best way to do the single track was to ride up Honey Hollow Road and take the single track down, which for me is how I like to ride anyway. I pedaled up the road, up through the two houses at the top, and to a wooden bridge that was closed to vehicle use. I thought the single track was supposed to be after the bridge, so I did some extensive looking around. While up there I noticed that the Catamount XC trails ran through the area so I pedaled around on those, hoping to come across the single track. As time went on, I found it to be very relaxing to be on a casual ride through the woods. I started to have less of a desire for white-knuckle downhill single track and found myself enjoying the scenery and the sounds.  I also realized that the more elevation I gained, the more ultra-fast double track downhill I would have to enjoy.

So after about an hour of riding around aimlessly, I decided to head back down and take advantage of some of those swimming holes I saw on the way up. To my excitement they also had a few water slides carved into them to enjoy!

If anyone knows where the trail head for this singletrack is located, feel free to comment. I will be out again to hunt it down; Honey Hollow, in my opinion, is one of the more beautiful areas of Vermont.

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