, who are we and what are we all about?

Thank you for taking the time to check out We are a group of enthusiastic riders out of Skiershop ( in Stowe, Vt providing you with everything you need to know about biking in Stowe and the neighboring towns. Whether you are on the recreational path, road riding or mountain biking, will keep you informed on trail conditions, maps, fun routes, tech tips, events, and group rides.

Looking for help navigating some of Stowe’s world class mountain biking? We will have maps showing you which direction to go and pictures clarifying tricky intersections. The best way to get around is to join us for a group ride which we do on Friday evenings at 6pm, and a woman’s ride Wednesday at 6pm.

For roadies we will map out rides of all ranges in miles and difficulty that will surely have you pleased if you are new to the area. We try to avoid heavily congested roads and chose roads with the best views and smoothest pavement.

Our head mechanic Nate will post weekly videos for everything from how to change flats to fixing chains and derailleurs.

Stowe offers up plenty of events from mountain bike festivals to major road races. will have a complete list for your convenience.

If the weather has been hit or miss be sure to check with us to get a heads up on the current trail conditions.  You can also check the Stowe Mountain Bike Clubs website ( for trail conditions. Joining the club will also get you access to fun club events as well!

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